Warmia and Masuria

Fairytale lake land.

Set in the rolling hills of northeast Poland is the unspoilt Great Lake District - this is the perfect place to get lost and soak up the natures wonders.

Dotted with countless lakes, forests, fragrant meadows and thousands of stork nests this pleasant landscape inspires a holiday spirit. The relaxed scenery makes for an ideal meditation background where you can find your inner peace, stare at the blue horizon or paddle off into the wilderness. One things for sure, a wild swim remains compulsory on such trips followed by a delicious rustic meal made of locally sourced ingredients. And if that isn’t enough for an idyllic holiday then the warm locals, often creative souls and visitors-turned-expats, will leave you inspired.



Double rooms from 336 zł

Holland House Residence


Double rooms from 170 zł


Puszczykowo, near Poznan

Double rooms from 349 zł

Hotel Copernicus


Double rooms from 900 zł

Hotel Galery 69

Stawiguda, Masuria

Double rooms from 336 zł

Hotel Monopol


Double rooms from 350 zł

Hotel Pod Różą


Double rooms from 650 zł

Hotel Rialto


Double rooms from 315 zł

Hotel Stary


Double rooms from 765 zł


Jełmuń Dwór, 11-731 Sorkwity, tel. 781 410 400

Old country manor house on the lake has a charming atmosphere and serves a traditional, regional fare. Meals are prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from their own garden and local farmers. Meals are served in the dining room at a big table in a family atmosphere. Reservations at least a day ahead essential. www.jelmundwor.pl

Restauracja z Zielonym Piecem
ul. Floriana 1, 11-015 Olsztynek, tel. 89 519 10 81

Multi award winning restaurant serves a delicious duck breast with baked pear and cranberries and heart warming boletus soup with cram and homemade noodles. www.zielonypiec.pl

ul. Żeglarska 3, 11-041 Olsztyn, tel. 89 535 01 81

Beatuifully set on the shores of the lake just outside of the city of Olsztyn offers amazing al fresco dining right on the waterfront. The menu is vast and has a choice of fish, seafood and sushi together with plenty of other usual suspects of salads, soups, meats and pasta, all nicely presented. www.przystanolsztyn.pl

Karczma Stary Młyn
Upałty 2, 11-500 Giżycko, tel. 87 429 27 18

Traditional local feast of all things Masurian including pierogi stuffed with pike, kartacze (regional dumplings made with grated and riced potatoes and stuffed with ground meat), sourdough bread, mead and craft beers. www.karczma-upalty.com

Potocki Gałkowo
Gałkowo 46, 12-220 Ruciane-Nida, tel. 87 42 57 073

The restaurant is set in the historic nineteenth century hunting lodge, and specialises in regional cuisine. Dishes are cooked using traditional recipes using fresh ingredients that change with the seasons.www.galkowo.pl

Ględy 45, 14-105 Łukta, tel. 606 299 812

Glendoria is a glamping resort and the restaurant here serves a fresh feast of Polish and Mediterranean fusion with a selection of fresh and organic food and specialising in barbecued lake fish and tender, juicy meats. Reservations with at least day’s notice essential. www.glendoria.pl


Cider in Kwaśne Jabłko
Włodowo 27, 11-008 Włodowo, tel. 502 543 978

Kwasne Jablko is not only famous for its award winning Polish cider, it also happens to be a wonderful b&b with most enjoyable cuisine. The organic cider is one of a kind and the method of manufacture makes it similar to wine. The several varieties come in a range of sparkling and still, some aged, some freshly made, and all perfectly delicious.www.kwasnejablko.pl

Gorło Winery
Gorło 13, 19-330 Stare Juchy, tel. 876 199 303

A small, family-owned winery is adjacent to a guest lodge and due to the "difficult" geographic position, cultivates only few varieties of grapevines. Special hopes are placed in Solaris variety of white grape. www.winnicagorlo.pl

Ryn Castle
ul. Plac Wolności 2, 11-520 Ryn, tel. 87 429 70 00

Come for wine tasting at the castle with nearly 130 wine varieties to choose from it is worth a trip. www.zamekryn.pl

Almes - Wine and Mead Manufacture
ul. Ratuszowa 2, 13-100 Nidzica, tel. 89 625 66 07

Since 1958 high quality meads have been produced here all made from locally sourced honey.


Wilczy Szaniec
Gierłoż, 11-400 Kętrzyn, tel. 89 752 4429

The Wolf’s Lair lies deep in the Masurian woods and served as Hitler’s headquarters during World War II. Recognised as a place of most notable unsuccessful assassination attempt against Hitler on 20 July 1944, the complex consisted of 80 buildings and was fully self contained with its own power plant and railway station.www.wolfsschanze.pl

Teutonic Order Interactive Museum
pl. Mickiewicza 43, 13-200 Działdowo, tel. 23 697 76 30

The interactive touch screens and projectors allow to trace the history of (mainly) Teutonic Knights from the Holy Land to the present day. Great place for the whole family.www.muzeum.dzialdowo.pl

Sanctuary of St. Mary in Święta Lipka
Św. Lipka 29, 11-440 Reszel, tel. 89 755 14 81

This is not only a popular pilgrimage site, but also one of the most prominent baroque churches in Poland with famous unique 18th-century organ with moving figurines and bells. www.swlipka.org.pl

The Living Lavender Museum
Lawendowe Pole, Nowe Kawkowo 11A, 11-042 Jonkowo, tel. +48 604 711 203

The Lawendowe Pole (The Lavender Field) where the museum is located is one of a kind country's famous lavender field in the Warmian village of Nowe Kawkowo. It is most spectacular from mid-June to the second half of July during the first flowering and harvest. At other times it is worth a stop to learn about lavender manufacture process, purchase handmade toiletries or even stay the night in one of the rooms available here.lawendowepole.pl

Camp Spa
Ględy 45, 14-105 Łukta, tel. +48 512 26 12 12

Wonderfully unusual open air spa set in a Warmian forest, makes the most of the natural surroundings. The great outdoors are the host to a few light wooden constructions such as the massage room and sauna, there is also a hot tub, herbal baths and hammocks with all treatments performed using locally made, natural products. The spa runs in season from May to September. campspa.pl

Arboretum of Warmia and Masuria in Kudypy
Kudypy 4, 11-036 Gietrzwałd, tel. 89 527 90 90

A fantastic botanical garden with a collection of trees to showcase their beauty and diversity - the perfect place for everyone fascinated by the science of nature. Come and discover various species of native Polish flora and more.www.kudypy.olsztyn.lasy.gov.pl


Mark, ul.Słowiańska 32a, 11-500 Giżycko, tel. 87 428 32 71

The traditional Masurian Sekacz translates as a tree cake, the name comes form its unique appearance resembling a tree. The Mark's family in Giżycko have been baking it for generations. www.mark.pl

Dorotowo 38, 11-034 Stawiguda, tel. 895 136 480

This is the furniture that takes Polish contemporary design to another level, pieces are unique and made with natural materials with plenty of care and attention to detail. hotelgalery69.pl/design-by-manufaktura69

Manufaktura at Nakomiady Palace
Nakomiady 7B, 11-400 Kętrzyn, tel. 661 255 653

The workshop for years have been producing traditional tiled stoves and ceramic tiles that are handcrafted. www.nakomiady.pl

Fromagerie at Ranczo Frontiera
Warpuny 4, 11-731 Sorkwity, tel. 89 742 93 30

This small batch cheese factory specialises in sheep's milk cheeses as well as Jersey cow's milk cheeses all produced with raw milk and using traditional, addittive free methods. Occassionaly on offer is a selection of cured meets and sausages. www.seryowcze.pl

Cheese at Kwaśne Drzewo Sauerbaum
Zerbuń 32, Jeziorany, tel. 503 121 166

Come for some most delicious and gorgeously presented goat’s and sheep’s cheese selection. There are some classics of feta, mozzarella and halloumi as well as some local specialities decorated with wildflowers. https://www.facebook.com/kwasnedrzewo/